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2011-04-04 22:45:54 by Kioh

I'm lazy as shit and don't feel like uploading any of my new stuff, most of it isn't good enough anyway, but I promised someone I'd upload these two windows remixes I did. Complete or not, idfk.

Moving to

2010-07-24 17:23:05 by Kioh

All further music uploads will be under because Newgrounds won't let me upload half my shit, so yeah. Peace NG.

New songs in the making.

2009-04-18 12:44:39 by Kioh

Hey all. I'm working on quite a few new songs, so bear with me, I can only get them up one at a time =P


2008-07-06 12:27:27 by Kioh

Keep checking back. Occasionally you'll see something new.